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Yo Maps Song ”Chale” Gets Banned For Copying Drax Africa’s Song Shale On All Platforms Including Facebook Videos

December 24th, 2022 / By: / 19 views


Yo Maps‘ Chale song has been deleted on all platforms because it has been discovered that he sampled Drax Africa‘s song with the artists permission



The Duo appeared to be unhappy with The Aweah hit maker who seems to have no limit when making songs.


Zambia Report, a social media page reports:

A timely and brotherly reminder to all artists out there, you selflessly put your very best in your music to entertain, motivate and inspire people from all walks of life. You all have different audiences and music genres you’re specialised in and the people love you for who you are. But a situation where some big and established artists start to steal or suffocate talent perceived to be a threat to them is unacceptable.

Take for instance, Yo Maps and Drax Africa have been fighting in the background over the ‘CHALE‘ or ‘DON’T STRESS ME’ song believed to have been copied or sampled from Drax Africa’s upcoming song ‘SHALE’.

This matter has been so serious such that ‘Yo Maps’ song has been taken down by Facebook for copyright infringement and more videos for the same ‘Chale’ or ‘Don’t Stress Me’ song posted on other platforms have been pulled down by YouTube for the same reason.

As concerned music artists , we would urge other artists to learn that stealing someone else’s work and pretend as if you own it is a crime punishable by Law.

In this music industry you’re all in, never stop learning from others or collaborating with those you feel can add value to what you already have.

If you’re a producer, teach young producers how to produce good music so that one day they may also inspire others. If you’re an artist, teach those young artists you feel need some help so that the legacy may continue. Stealing from each other will never build a strong voice for the world to hear. We all know that our Zambian music industry has for a long time been fighting for a global stage. I strongly believe that uniting for a common goal as artists, producers and as music lovers will one day build a beautiful and powerful music industry for the nation.



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