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“The grave yard is a good litmus test where you see many communities organized under the PF”

Munali Constituency losing Independent candidate, Thomas Sipalo has expressed surprise that the former ruling party, Patriotic Front, still has a strong presence on the ground.

He said he was surprised when he attended a community funeral, where members of the former ruling party turned out in very large number and clad in their party regalia.

He said this was made very clear at the cemetery where mourners from different townships were bringing their loved ones for burial. He said the presence of people clad in PF was so overwhelming.

He said, the PF just needed proper leadership and those underating were doing so at their own peril.

Thomas Sipalo Wrote;

Underrate PF at Your Own Peril

Underate PF at your own peril,went for a funeral yesterday yaku komboni ku leopard hills…

Most funerals that were coming from different compounds most women and youths were clad in full PF attires meaning the structures are undisturbed,strong and fully functional…

How UPND will perform in the next 4 years will determine the future of PF.

I’m just a messenger,
Argue if you were there

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