This is Why All Kalandanya Artists Should Apologize to Zambian


The Reason Why All Kalandanya Artists should Apologize this 2021 is Very Simple A Musician carry Million of People that look after Him Meaning The Funs when a Musician drops A song Million of Funs Follow to Hear the Massage in that Song Meanwhile they all Did a Song for Politics Under PF it’s as same as selling Your Funs VOTE in the name of Music is A Business yes Music is a Business but not under Politics You Sold your Funs VOTE Because you were paid that’s not Good Think of it how many people Voted for The Party that you did a song for the answer is many.. Please Apologize Making yourself Get known it was Not Easy But bringing you down can’t take even 2 minutes people will hate you for a Small thing Better apologize and move on It’s Never to Late to Apologise. Next Time Don’t Sell your VOTE or your Funs VOTE your Apologies will be Accepted.

same of the Artists that did a Song for PF are as Follow



Yo Maps


Rich bizzy

Slap dee

Shenky Shuga


Nez Long

Moz B Umushilika

This is just A small List of 10 Artist Note That not only Those on the List Did a song for PF But They are More than 10 Let’s Say All Kalandanya Artists

Later By Yours ( Kissy Brizzy Alamanga)

Published on: August 17, 2021. at: 9:53 am

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