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Their fake websites like fbpashc
Which crimes to hack Facebook accounts there all fake websites and it’s not yet possible to hack Facebook , instead these websites are just making you fool at the end they will make you download harmful softwares and these softwares may steal your information, like your bank details…

What I know is that it’s impossible to hack Facebook directly I know one will say his/her Facebook account was hacked I’ll say YES it happens but they are not really hacking your Facebook account but they are stealing your password and it’s easy to steal someones password

I don’t call stealing password hacking
Why I say so it’s impossible to hack Facebook, as its a big company with a team of top engineers who works 24/7 to make Facebook secure
NOTE: if you manage to hack Facebook that will be the headline and Facebook will give you dollars to tell em how you did it so that they work on that security system…
Take it or leave it I’m not here to argue
Next I’ll share on how you can save your password so that no one can steal your password

BY Sianyama Mubila

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