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Simon Mwewa’ Said – How I Truly Felt About The Song “Alebwelelapo…ni lesa wasalile soli”
By on October 6th, 2021. BREAKING NEWS


By Simon Mwewa Lane
HOW I TRULY FELT ABOUT THE SONG “Alebwelelapo…ni lesa wasalile soli” [ He’s coming back…God chose him, sorry ]

Each time I heard that song my stomach churned and my head hurt because I knew the Patriotic Front was trying to brainwash the masses.

The Mother that sells fruit on the street…the widow in the rural areas that was receiving a monthly social cash transfer. The young unemployed youth that spent his time drinking Kachasu [ illicit alcohol ] at the bus stations. The P.F CADRE that was high on drugs and was determined to kill if he saw you wearing the colour red.

I knew this wasn’t the country I wanted for me or my children. I wanted better. The song was telling the voter that we were helpless…that the mighty PF would overcome any obstacle placed before it and that we had no power to do anything about it.

But oooooooh they were wrong.

Young Zambians all across this nation woke up at 4am with fire in their eyes. “We will show you that we are the captains of our political destiny…we will cast you down with the sodomites and your ‘mighty’ party will be a forgotten rumour”

And that’s exactly what happened.

I never want to hear that song again. It makes me angry and I’m glad Zambians rejected it.


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