See What Pastor Was Caught Doing to This Lady in Church Because Of What She Wants



Churches are viewed as a house of God and a holy place where people worship and glorify the Lord’s name throughout the world. Additionally, it is a place where men of God perform miracles and offer special prayers to church members .

However, it appears as though the story is changing, as the majority of our churches are now engaging in various acts that contradict biblical teachings in the name of performing special miracles.

This is a story about a Nigerian church led by one of Africa’s most controversial pastors, Ohanaemere Oduneje. The man of God is constantly the center of attention; he engages in strange acts that astound Christians in his country.

This time, it’s about a lady who came to her church seeking healing from an illness that was threatening her life, but to the surprise of other members, the pastor, rather than praying for her, asked her to lay on her back and lay on top of her, and began speaking in tongues .

The most remarkable aspect of the lady is that she was dressed as a reverend sister. How could a reverend sister commit such an ungodly act?, she should have been aware of the potential for her video to go viral and what people would say about her.

The lady claimed to have suffered a spinal cord injury, but as soon as the man of God laid on her and began speaking in tongues, the lady began rolling from left to right as if a demon were exiting her body; from there, she was able to stand on her feet and claim healing.Why million worth of PhD scholarships go unclaimed.Unicaf PhD Scholarshipsby TaboolaSponsored Links

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but what is clear is that a lady should not allow herself to be treated in this manner by a pastor in the name of a miracle. Pastors are expected to behave like men of God; they are not expected to act in ways that contradict biblical teachings.

Do you believe the pastor’s treatment of the lady was justified? Do you believe the lady should have permitted the pastor to abuse her? We value your input .

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Published on: June 20, 2021. at: 11:51 pm

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