See 8 most effective ways to prevent pregnancy without using condoms


Aside the use of condoms, there are so many other ways one can prevent pregnancies, below I will be showing you 8 most effective not

Some may be permanent or temporary but they have proven to be over 95% effective, even safer than condoms.

1. Cervical cap

It’s a small cup, used to block the main the entrance of the womb itself, sometimes they can contain spermicide ( to kill sperm).com&dtd=12139

2. Implants

As big as a match stick, it’s implanted on the inner side of the arms , it simply prevents the factory eggs from releasing eggs when it should , also makes the sperm difficult to swim. It’s over 99% effective and can last over a period of 5yearsLusaka: Work From Home Jobs In The US May Pay You More Than You ThinkWork From Home | Search Adsby TaboolaSponsored Links

3. Cupper IUD (intra uterine)

It’s made of cupper, inserted in the womb and it occupies space preventing sperm from reaching the egg, over 99% effective , and can last over a period of 10years ( if you don’t want to have kids with your partner for the next 10years). Although it can get missing in the body, and can be difficult to find.

4. Contraceptive pills

These are medicine prescribed by your gynaecologist, taken everyday to prevent the factory of eggs from releasing eggs. Makes sperm hard to swim, 90% effective

5. Hormonal Injection

Usually injected every 3months under the skin to also prevent factory from releasing eggs

6. Emmergency pills

Taken immediately after sex to prevent factory from releasing eggs, very effective if taken 24hours after sex. After 24hours, it looses it effectiveness( most useful during rape).

7. Permanent methods over 99% effective or more

* Hysterectomy-

The total removal of the womb

* Tubal ligation-

tying the tubes from the factory of eggs

* Vasectomy –

surgical procedure for male sterilization. This one is for the male. It is simply cutting the tube that connects the scrotum to the outer male reproductive organ. Meaning that your stuff will no longer be able to produce sperm , it doesn’t stop your organ from erection.

8 Family planning

* Withdrawal method – very risky not advisable

* Cycle count

– most ladies often count their menstrual cycle, 2days or 3days before ovulation but this is very risky especially for ladies with irregular cycle

Note that all these methods are mostly for married couples who may be not ready to have children or due to personal reasons.

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Published on: March 1, 2021. at: 2:22 pm

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