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This evening, I received with shocked the news of firing of former ZRA Director General Dr. Kingsley Chanda.

As I have stated time and time again, at Chealsea we do not change a winning team. We only change the strategy of play.

Dr. Chanda performed exceptionally well. At this point when resource mobilisation is an imperative, it is fatal to change an exceptional performer like him.

Much I have issues with ZRA that I am taking to court for intervention concerning the winning tax for bets, and withholding tax on rent, overall, ZRA under his leadership has been a marvel.

I understand that his contract was renewed four months ago or so. If it is true, then the decision to fire him reminds me of issues I raised concerjing appointment of Governor at Bank of Zambia.

If true, this decidion would entail that ZRA will have a heavy burden of paying salaries and other emoluments to two DGs till 2026. Yet, only one will be actually working .

If true, these sorts of wastage of public resources in the New Dawn Government should be brought to an end, especially where the rationale is irrational.

Peter Sinkamba
Green party president.
This is a fatal mistake

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