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(Smart Eagles)

People of Nsandwe village in Lusangazi district have apologised to President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu for messing up on August 12, by voting for UPND.

Speaking on behalf of people today when Patriotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee in charge of Information and Publicity Rapheal Nakachinda, Msazala Member of Parliament Elias Daka and party officials drummed up support for PF Council Chairperson candidate Patrick Banda, Headmen Ngwerema said President Lungu must listen to their plea.

The traditional leader said the mistake which was done on August 12 will never be repeated.

Headmen Ngerema assured President Lungu and entire PF leadership that on October 21, 2021 people will vote for the PF candidate.

“Please you the people who have been sent to campaign tell President Lungu that we are sorry.

We made a very big mistake and this has turned against us because whatever was promised nothing tangible is coming out,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Nakachinda has thanked the people of Lusangazi for vowing to vote for PF.

Mr Nakachinda said President Lungu will be the happiest person to see PF winning the seat.

And Mr Daka said people of Lusangazi cannot disappoint the President Lungu and the PF.

Earlier the entourage attended church service at Anglican church &

Parish priest Emmanuel Ngoma appeared to area Member of Parliament Nr Daka to consider taking development in the area.



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