Mufalali – Say’s PF Have No Remorse…they shouldn’t be allowed any closer to power


By Oliver Chisenga

NOMINATED member of parliament Likando Mufalali says the PF have no remorse whatsoever.

Debating President Hakainde Hichilema’s speech to Parliament, Mufalali said PF members should not have been claiming being harassed if they had any remorse.

He said the former ruling party had abused and hurt many people such that they should have been scared to even claim victimisation.

“And, unfortunately, they have no remorse whatsoever in this House. Without remorse they are able to complain that ‘we are being beaten’, even without being beaten. They have no remorse. They are even being comical here,” he said on Friday. “They keep on standing in remembrance of, you know, chairman what, chairman this, that. I think that is comedy, Madam Speaker.”

Cataloguing horrible events during PF’s 10-year rule, Mufalali said they should not have been given power.

He added that even former president Edgar Lungu should not have been allowed access to State power.

“The PF were a danger to this society. The PF, Madam Speaker, should have never been allowed to come any closer to power, or to rule this country. They brought misery, untold misery, to many families,” Mufalali said. “We must be serious and we need to be serious. We can’t allow a situation where many women and men died at the hands of the police under the PF regime. And they have the audacity and prowess to stand and start claiming or playing victim! It must not be. We have serious business for this country. We cannot continue with comedy, rising up and moments of silence; it’s comedy.”

Mufalali pleaded that what happened under PF should never be allowed again in the country.

“…this country deserves better. What we have seen in the past 10 years of PF rule should never get back to the Zambian people. The suffering was too much, Madam Speaker,” he added. “For those who are academicians, I think they’ll sit down one day and study to come to understand what really happened. PF will be a case study to ensure that we don’t repeat the mistakes that we made from 2011 to 2021.”

He continued: “Madam Speaker, I was one of the victims of the PF regime – the brutality that they caused and harm on the Zambian people. I was a victim, attacked during a by-election in Nangweshi where I had to break my bone. So, the PF should not be allowed any closer to power.”

And Mufalali said Lungu should never be allowed access to power again.

He said because of Lungu’s bad leadership, the national flag was flying at half-mast during his tenure.

“Madam Speaker, the Zambian people have decided, and have decided to have President Hakainde Hichilema as their leader. And we thank God because we have been redeemed from the claws and gnashes of the PF regime under Mr Lungu, president Lungu. That leader should never be allowed any closer to power again,” he stressed. “The Zambian flag kept on flying at half-mast throughout their 10-year rule; the flag was at half-mast. We thank God, Madam Speaker, that today we are a proud nation and we have a president who is flying the Zambian flag high in the name of President Hakainde Hichilema; very proud of him, Madam Speaker.”

Meanwhile, Mufalali noted that if President Hichilema did not stop lawlessness, people would have avenged themselves against PF members.

He said people were still deeply hurt by PF lawlessness and violence.

“…so otherwise, Madam Speaker, if the President didn’t step in to correct the situation, to bring harmony to this motherland, we were going to see a lot of trouble,” said Mufalali. “We have been hurt. We have been beaten before by the PF. And some of those people who were actually pushing for us to be beaten, to have broken legs are here. They are in this very House. And yet we do no harm to them.”

Published on: September 27, 2021. at: 9:29 am

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