Know The Three Body Parts of a woman she Wants you to touch when she is Awake


A woman’s body that she wants you to touch but won’t tell you about For a relationship to work, you have to


connect with your partner on the same level that she wants you to connect with her. You can only have a happy marriage if you know what to do in an emergency.

As a man, it’s going to be hard for you because women won’t talk about what they want and what they think men should do for them.

This message is meant to introduce you to the three parts of a woman that she wants you to touch when she is awake.

You can connect with her and make her happy by caressing the parts of her body she wants you to touch. If you touch these places every day, you feel like you know them better. So, the next time you go out with your lady, pay close attention to these three body parts and do something about it.

1. Her hair is all messed up. It is known that women are attracted to it and want it as a goal in their lives. As a woman, she wants you to touch and care for her hair because it shows how feminine she is. Just tell her how much better she looks now that she’s gotten her hair cut. Because of this, she will like how much you care about what she thinks of you and how you make her feel.

2. she has pain in her lower back. Women love to be tickled, so when their partner is very happy and tickles them a lot, they are thrilled. Her lower back is the part of her body that gives her the creeps. You’ll then understand why she wants you to do it first. You already know that she won’t tell you anything, though. Since this is the case, you shouldn’t do it for any other reason than to surprise her.

3. Even the bottoms of her feet. So that she could feel more at ease, she put this in her plan. Caressing her feet well will make her feel at ease and like you love her, and she will be happy with your efforts. She wants you to pay attention to and understand these three things.

Know The Three Body Parts of a woman she Wants you to touch when she is Awake

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