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I knew Dizmo because of young Dizmo Who do you think you ar for calling king illest a weak rapper….

Mmmm Ba Dizmo who do you think you Ar.  For You to  Call king Illest A weak rapper Wich song did you do that you can Compire with king illest ‘s Songs just Mind your own Business king Illest Won How Many Awards Answer Me wich Award did you Win My Guy Hahaha Upcoming ni Upcoming your Level its young Dizmo Not King illest coz am Better than you Even your Rap ar Weak too . mind you dont you think he is Better than you’ . a real Musician need to respect Each other’ As for myself kissy brizzy Alamanga i only knew you because of young Dizmo we knew him before you called yourself a real Dizmo You just a upcoming Artist live the kings to Fight the Fight ….

Meanwhile Not anyone supports Dizmo for Calling king illest Weak rapper Check out tthis

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