I have money but I’m looking for a young man who can perform” (see what she posted on facebook)


Back in the years before I started to date. I went to school and I made sure that every test I wrote put my fingers on. My parents were incredibly poor, so I had to work hard to get there. Believe me, if you work hard in life, anything is achievable. I lost so many friends because I devoted my attention to my work. Some people even started calling me a nerd. But is a terrible thing for a nerd?

Let me make things clear; I’m not the best, and I think I’m not trying to do anything. Once a wise man remarked, “There is a nice space in the comfort zone, but nothing grows.” It’s true. It’s true. If you sit and rest today, you will be on the same level tomorrow.

When it came to dating, I fell in love before, but my relationships have not survived.

I have moved on, and I’m ready for anyone else who does not take me for granted to fall in love. I am afraid that I don’t have time for playful immature individuals, but somebody who understands what he wants in life and is also ready for engagement.

On the subject of misunderstandings, I have realized that relationships cannot be ideal but can be excellent if two partners are dedicated. I’m not young anymore. I’m a 39-year-old woman who doesn’t have any children yet.

If you are interested, please answer…

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Published on: June 22, 2021. at: 2:16 pm

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