Sean Tembo : Says HH Must Resign And Call For Early Elections


(Smart Eagles)

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) we have noted with alarm the statement issued by the Minister of Finance Hon. Situmbeko Musokotwane that Zambia will get an IMF loan and will be put on an IMF program within the next 4 months. Our considered view is that the decision to put the country on an IMF programme is too critical for the Minister and the President to make alone in the absence of parliamentary or cabinet approval and without consulting key national stakeholders such as industry and professional associations.

2. Further, the decision by President Hakainde Hichilema to put the country on an IMF program amounts to relinquishing the responsibility to run Zambia’s economy. We wish to put it on record that the Zambian people voted for President Hichilema on 12th August 2021 so that he can run the affairs of Zambia. The Zambian people did not vote for the IMF. Therefore it is wrong for President Hichilema to put the responsibility of running the Zambian economy into the hands of the International Monetary Fund.

3. As Patriots for Economic Progress we wish to take this opportunity to advise President Hichilema that if he has no confidence to do the job which the Zambian people elected him into office for, then he should resign the Presidency and call for early elections so that those of us who have the confidence can step in and run the affairs of the nation. The Zambian people do not deserve to have their economic affairs managed by foreigners.

Thank You and May God Bless the Good Citizens of the Republic of Zambia and Our Hopeful Nation.



Published on: September 2, 2021. at: 5:46 am

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