Enock Tonga’ Says HH Has No Vision As He Fails Lamentably From The Word Go

With many an answered questions still hanging on the shoulders of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema through his political journey; but now a head of State, Mr. Hichilema has no vision as he has failed the people of Zambia, lamentably so, from the word go. Who is next as an advisor to Mr. Hichilema? If not careful, his fall is likely going to be worse than that of the previous leader.

What Zambia yearns for the most is not firing and hiring at will, No! What Zambia is craving for the most is total overhaul of our old fashioned, bureaucratic and evil political governance system which is only designed to make a Head of State like him, a small; but little god to be worshipped and whom every person has to look up to. Well, a leopard with it’s black spots, will always remain a leopard, regardless.

The firing of Mr. X or Mrs. Q, and replace him with Mr. B or her with Mrs. W, to sit on the same UNIP, MMD and PF designed governance systems, is no different from removing an old malfunction gearbox off the old Isuzu and replace it with a second hand ceased Isuzu gearbox on the same old machine in the hope of having the Isuzu move and do better. The answer is 0+0=0.

It appears, it was not only President Lungu, without a vision. They are so many; Mr. Hakainde Hichilema inclusive.

God help us!

Published on: September 1, 2021. at: 8:34 am

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