Edgar Lungu Says – Sorry for Letting You Down in our Ten Years tenure in Office people of Zambia


FORMER President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has said ” SORRY” to the people of Zambia for letting them down during his ten years tenure in office.

The former President admitted making mistakes in his line of duty, adding that he had at times came short of the people’s expectations and broke their trust.


“Yes we have made mistakes in our line of duty, we have at times come short of our people’s expectations and yes we have at all times broken their trust and for that we render our sincere apologies,” he said.

And President Lungu has assured all Patriotic Front members that the party has done an honest self introspection resulting in the reformation of hearts and minds to allow the party emerge stronger and better.

He has since urged PF members never to ever let the party die.

“No matter the circumstances, PF must live and arise. PF is the mass movement for all Zambians and it is not for sell to the highest bidder. This not a time for small talk and petty squabbles; this is not a time for blame game and unending lamentations,” he said.

Meanwhile President Lungu has described Patriotic Front fouding President late Michael Chilufya Sata as a very unique and generous person.

He said the late fifth republican President taught zambians to love one another; to share the little they could have and to be each other’s keeper and work and sacrifice not for ourselves but for those that look to us for help and guidance.

“We must always strive to hold on to these same virtues each day we live. We must put service to others above service to personal gratification. We should not use multi-party politics to divide ourselves in to regions and tribes, create a wedge between ourselves and those on the other side of the political divide because before we are PF, or FDD, or UNIP or UPND we are Zambians first,” he noted.

“I want to say something directly to members and leaders of the mighty Patriotic Front; the Party of President Sata and the Party of choice for millions of Zambians: colleagues, there is no better way to honour the memory of this gallant son of the soil than pursuing and promoting the very values and principles that shaped his life,”.

The former President said this during the seventh memorial for the late fifth President Michael Chilufya Sata in Lusaka.

Edgar Lungu Says – Sorry for Letting You Down in our Ten Years tenure in Office people of Zambia

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