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Chilufya Tayali

So….”Kalimbusha” (from the grapevine) has revealed that, the money is not hers but it was neither stolen.

However, before I talk much about that, let’s interrogate the report that Faith never responded to the questions posed her, I’mean, how possible is that, considering the fact that she was interrogated for 8 and half hours.

Remember the lawyers asked for time to prepare for the interview, is it possible that, they prepared Faith to remain silent for all that time?

In my view (thinking loud), I think she actually told the police that the money is not hers and told them how she got into possession of that money and where it was going before the police pounced on her.

I have also put pieces together which suggests that, the money was legally withdrawn from the bank, by some donor of a particular political party and it was supposed to be used in campaigns, that is why it was in cash. Unfortunately, it was not delivered on time .

Since the money was not stolen and it’s has a source, the police are now investigating the big business people who offered it as donation for a particular party.

If Faith was as guilty as many of you are putting it on social media, Faith would have been arrested by now, the evidence is overwhelming, unfortunately it is not LIKELY TO BE AND EVIDENCE OF ILLEGALLITY

Don’t argue with me, if you have no better arguments because what I have given you hear, from my personal investigation and thinking, is highly credible and you may hear nothing more other than this.


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