BREAKING NEWS: Lusangazi ritualists sacrifice wrong private parts for riches


Lusangazi ritualists sacrifice wrong private parts for riches

A HEARTBREAKING story of how two men murdered an innocent three year old child in order to use his private parts in a get-rich-quick satanic ritual has sent shock waves through Lusangazi District of Eastern Province and left everyone wondering how far some people are prepared to go just to amass wealth.


On the instructions of a witchdoctor, Rabson Sakala and Benson Sakala santched little Bornface Lungu from the shrubs of Village 87 in Kasangazi and used a knife to end his life.

The two men then carefully sliced out the private parts of the child which they presented to the witchdoctor.

However, the Juju man rejected the sacrifice after using his dark witchcraft powers divined that the privates would not work because they did not belong to a child of either of the Two men.

Details are that, Nyawa Phiri, mother of murdered toddler and a teacher of Kasangazi Primary School in Lusangazi District reported that her son went missing on May 25 after allowing him to go and spend a weekend with other family members Village 87 in Kasangazi.

While in Village 87, the child accompanied other children herding cattle but later decided to return home unaccompanied.

It is on his way back home that the two evil Sakalas got hold of the child and abducted him for their satanic scheme.

When a search party comprising villagers and police officers could not find the boy, Police opened an Inquiry file and intensified investigations which finally paid off on Tuesday this week.

Officers managed to apprehend Rabson Sakala aged 49 of Village 87 who had vanished from the village the time the child went missing.

Under painful police interrogation, Rabson revealed that he and his colleague had killed the child and sacrificed his private parts to riches.

Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed to Kalemba in a statement that Rabson had since been charged with murder while officers had intensified the hunt for his accomplice including the witchdoctor only identified as Dr Samson.

“However, the knife which was used to inflict the fatal injury has been recovered from the suspect. Investigations have continued to trace the remains of the deceased and apprehension of the other two suspects on the run,” stated Hamoonga.

By Buumba Mwitumwe

BREAKING NEWS: Lusangazi ritualists sacrifice wrong private parts for riches

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