9 Chinese killed in Central African, Republic of Congo, President Xi calls for “Severe Punishment”

9 Chinese killed in DR Congo


I have seen in the guise of civil society organisations communities are incited to hate of the Chinese, something China has avoided doing, employing hate to undermine Western countries.

This is what will happen, there will be no space for anti China activities in Central Africa Republic.

Uganda dealt swiftly with attempts to invest on hate instead of prosperity and suspended NGOs engaging in anti china activities;


Chapter Four’s director, Nicholas Opiyo, told Human Rights Watch the suspension had created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty in the sector and prevented the organization from doing its work, which includes public interest litigation. “Numerous cases [we were working on] have either stalled or have been dismissed by courts,” Opiyo said. “The organization has lost donors and supporters.”

Uganda is now safe from hateful NGOs. I would advise the West to rethink their strategies. China is creating jobs in Africa the West is impoverishing Africa. Between the Two who will win hearts and minds ?

When Russia dealt with the criminals who terrorized Christians (Hebrew) in CAR, civil society organisations and Western media went on and on about human rights abuses.

Africa is not naïve it can see what’s going. Many of these countries are buying time for a new trading platform to be established; then don’t be suprised when Western NGOs are burned by African countries;


Russian mercenaries accused of deadly attacks on mines on Sudan-CAR border
Dozens of people said to have been killed in attacks allegedly involving Wagner Group fighters

Despite Chinese influence in Africa, it has never called on African countries to restrict the activities of western countries in regions Chinese invest.

Chinese are the only lifeline Africa has, the West lectures and flood Africa with NGOs who gaslight communities and deligitimize Chinese linked projects.

Even with this type of hostile foreign influence operations, China has avoided interfering with Africa’s sovereign decisions, targeting the Chinese has crossed a redline, DR Congo, CAR, Chad, and Sudan and South Sudan will now have to work with a security programme that protects investment by BRIC countries.

We are already witnessing a reorganisation of Central Africa security architecture, the targeting of the Chinese is nothing but the Kicks of a dying horse.

The region is finding it’s footing, once Africa finds an alternative trading platform, we will see restrictions of movement into Central Africa, now that the Brics and partners are investing in Africa’s security we are going to see a more Stable continent;


UAE may soon join 18 other countries that have agreed to trade in the India Rupees and give up dollar as cross-border transaction mode.

Posted By : King Alamanga

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